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SFBusinessNetwork.com is built by Dave Maestas who retired as an 18Z from 1SFG(A) in 2014.

Once Dave retired he launched several businesses and found advertising was expensive with limited means to track success.

He launched two initiatives, a media company to build his following and a marketing agency to help others.  He quickly grew and spent endless hours reseaching the newest technologies on the market and exploring emerging technologies from around the world. In 2023 he had over 25 million views of his websites and over 300k who follow on social media or belong to his groups.  He has helped hundreds of businesses to be successful. 

He learned from Google and Yelp that directory style websites gain a great deal of traffic just due to the SEO nature of a site with hundreds or thousands of pages brings to search engines.  He learned how to build directories and is one of the most prolific directory website builders in America.  He built a network across the USA of sites for cities, counties, military bases, shopping plazas, and sites uniting niche groups such as Veteran business owners with AmericanVeteranBusiness.com.  

SFBusinessNetwork.com is a site infused with cutting edge technologies which allows our members to measure their success with us.  Have you ever wondered if there is a SF brother near you that you can buy goods or services from?  From mortgages to real estate, insurance, car dealers, mechanics to craft goods, knives, etc... we are everywhere.  You just don't know it.  

We are not here to compete with anyone. This is a means to help others.  We promote our fellow SF associations and Veteran organizations.  We believe in their mission and want others to join.  The more we unite, the bigger our voice. 

Yes, we charge to join SFBN as we have overhead for our agency that we must cover to keep things running.  This is not just a website, it is our hyper-niche search engine.  As a marketing agency, we have vast experience working in numerous industries.  At a minimum we can help you to ensure that your overall digital presence online is optimized.  From anything in digital marketing including marketing automation, email marketing, customer relationship managers (CRM), and even salesmanship, we can help.  Best of all, consultations are free and we will show you how you can do things yourself for your business so that you can grow.  We have a great deal of free tools that help you manage your overall digital presence.  We are able to do this due to the success we have had and compiling data of what is essential for a business, what is cost effective and what you just don't need that others will try and sell you.  Feel free to use the contact us below for your free consultation. We are always glad to meet a fellow SF brother. 


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