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MISSION: is dedicated to fostering a vibrant and supportive community that connects businesses owned by Special Forces (18-series) veterans and their spouses with a wider audience. Our mission is to serve as a comprehensive platform that not only showcases these unique businesses but also highlights relevant events, news, and non-profit organizations. We are committed to providing a space where the values of dedication, integrity, and excellence, hallmarks of Special Forces veterans, are celebrated and promoted. Through our efforts, we aim to create opportunities for growth, collaboration, and recognition within this distinctive community, contributing to the prosperity and success of its members.  We have a mindset of abundence. 

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If you are active duty, this site brings you a wealth of fellow Green Berets that you can tap into for mentorship.

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Green Beret Sales Coach
Fort Myers, FL
Sales Coaching & Training
Chatbot Veteran
Fort Myers, FL
Increase your sales with chatbots
Discover Maestro
Fort Myers, FL
Veteran owned marketing agency
All Secure Mobile RV Services
Blue Ridge, GA
We are a mobile service and we are willing to travel throughout the US to provide quality service.
1st SFG(A) Scholarship Fund
Fayetteville, NC
1st Special Forces Groups (Airborne)
Be Legendary
Tampa, FL
"Be Legendary" - More Than a Slogan

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Panama, The Darian Gap, Ecuador | Sentinel Strength Ep#04
Nick talks about the US border crisis and how migrants are being smuggled into the USA
How China Won Mexico (You Won’t Believe What USA Did Now)
While we continue to send money overseas, China is investing in countries to take over relationships.
On This Day in US Army Special Forces History: June 12, 1988
On June 12, 1988, a significant milestone was achieved in the history of the United States Army Special Forces

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Video by Jason Gambardella and Tommy Stanley United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School