6/13/2024  SFBusinessNetwork.com

A unique and eye opening perspective from Cyrus Janssen

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"China Mexico Border - China is working hard at the US Mexico Border, building factories and importing Chinese products tariff free into the United States.

In today's video we'll break down why Mexico and China is working together and how this affects the entire future of trade and geopolitics."

The US Mexico border is the biggest issue leading up to the 2024 us election.

While Republicans and Democrats argue over the millions of illegal immigrants entering the US and doing absolutely nothing about it, China is quietly working behind the scenes in Mexico and setting up the groundwork for a new plan that will change the entire future of geopolitics and our global economy. 

While fake news fails to do any real investigative reporting, it is up to you to help educate others with what you find. Too many people have their heads buried believing nothing is going to happen to America, the facts of the matter are not looking good.

Two days ago Russia said, "We could put missiles in China." What would make them say something so bold? What do they know?

While we continue to send money overseas, China is investing in countries to take over relationships.  Are we being distracted on purpose?