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Tribe and Purpose
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We breed success

It’s what we thrive on. We will guide your discovery of what your unique success is. You’ll learn how to create successes to move you towards your purpose.

By joining Tribe and Purpose, you join a tribe that wants you to succeed and will serve as the accountability partner that you need, guiding you to define your and pursue your purpose.

The tribe empowers the individual, and the tribe is empowered by the individual. The tribe becomes not only a partner to rely on, and it is the power that sets you apart.

Aristotle said, “the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.” That is why a tribe is essential to your success. If you want to stand out, run towards your purpose, and be part of something bigger than yourself, join Tribe and Purpose.

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Along with a great mentor program, they have a YouTube Channel you have to see!  You can see one of their interviews of a SF brother below.

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Otis W. McGregor III, CPD, CPC

LTC, Special Forces, US Army, Retired Otis McGregor leads Tribe and Purpose with his son Camden as the principal leadership and success coach. With over 40 years of experience as a leader, coach, and team member, Otis embodies the values and principles of Tribes and Purposes. Otis is driven both by these values and the idea that better leaders and tribes create better organizations, building better communities leading to a better world. Through the decades, Otis has empowered hundreds of businesses and individuals to find their clarity for purpose and their tribes for connection. Otis leverages the unique blend of heart, passion, and experience as one of the elite commanders of Green Berets. Trusted with some of the highest missions of our great nation, Otis knows how to think from both the 10,000-foot view as well as amid battle to ensure he and his tribe not only achieve the mission but do it in the most risk-mitigating ways possible. Brought to the civilian world after retirement, Otis walks the walk and talks the talk. Spend five minutes with him, and he will inspire your heart and mind.


Camden McGregor

Leadership and Success Coach Camden’s passion is to help people succeed. He fulfills this passion as a Leadership and Success Coach with Tribe and Purpose. Camden has years of coaching experience in rugby where he has worked extensively with high performing teams as well as skill development teams. Leading these teams during intense situations has taught Camden to remain calm and provide the certainty and consistency that teams need to perform at a high level. Camden applies this background of teamwork and leadership to the business world in order to help teams become collaborative and perform at higher levels. With several entrepreneurial ventures under his belt, Camden understands the struggles that entrepreneurs face and the psychological situations that unfold internally during these struggles. Between coaching rugby, studying agricultural business, and having a passion for behavioral economics Camden is adept at combining different schools of thought. He believes that the best answers can only be found by learning different perspectives. His diverse experience helps him to find creative solutions, helping clients to create lasting change for themselves and their companies. Camden and his fiance, Jessica, live in Tucson, Arizona with their two dogs Looggie and Gumbo.


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